April 7, 2009

book petals

it's so exciting when someone loves your work enough to buy it, but it sort of makes me a little sad when i ship it off, especially if it's one i love as much as this magenta book petals piece.

i hope you enjoy your new home little magenta one!


  1. I always have a hard time letting some of my art go! Most of my paintings from art school I still have around, and after years of getting used to keeping them around...I'm like...hey, I don't want to give this away! But it's also a good feeling to share them.
    ps. are you going to be checking out sowa at all? I think the art fair is starting in Boston on the 16th. I'm hoping to go and maybe even get a table since it is running through October!

  2. i know, i have such a pile of old work going on.. i really should sort through and part with some more.. it ends up feeling so good to purge some of it!

    i hope i'll be able to pop by some sowa's; i've been travelling a lot, so i'll have to play it by year.. let me know if you end up getting a table, i'd love to drop by and say hi and see your work in real life!