August 14, 2009


i've been photographing a lot lately with my new love- a canon dslr. i adore it. so i haven't been working too much on paper, which is weird for me, but it's fun to explore a medium i've been interested in for a long time, in a totally new way (or with a totally new eye.. or freedom? or all of the above..)

so i've been 'art' mia. but i've been photo present. on flickr, at least. i'm also working on moving to chicago, so photos have been an easier creative outlet for me while travelling so much.

either way, i'm still working, just on different things at the moment. we'll see where the photography takes me!


  1. i like your pics so far ~ am very jealous re camera, am saving up for one :)
    good luck on getting ready for the move.

  2. thank you b :o) i hope you get to have your new camera soon!