May 15, 2010

burlap bag pillows

i've been so busy with work and getting settled in a new city that i've fell through in the creativity department. it's not good and it makes me disheartened that i've been less than what i can be, creatively. but we just bought a condo and i'm starting to settle into my new city. and i think the thought of decorating my first home has re-energized me and i'm ready to jump back into the boat (yay!) a dedicated studio space is high on the list of to do's when we get into the new building- i think this will help, too.


i keep seeing these great pillows made out of old burlap bags everywhere i look and decided to create some of my own for the new house! instead of trying to find the best used, burlap bags for the project, i figured why not make my own? so i dropped into vogue fabrics the other day and picked up a few yards of burlap.

after creating a few handmade font stencils, i made up some fun lingo for my 'bags' and painted them on. some hand-stitching and a little stuffing and there we go. burlap bag pillows. they came out pretty nice i think, considering i have no idea how to sew. and they didn't have that huge price tag i kept seeing for custom pieces.


  1. awww, those are so cute! I love how the font runs off of the green one! very clever.

  2. thanks gail! they're a little rough to the touch, but i love the way they look and i think they'll soften up a bit after a little wear.