June 29, 2010

spencer finch

how beautiful are these strung lights by spencer finch?  and the reflection of the stained glass is just amazing.  i want to spend some time in this space.  the light installation is moonlight, the stained glass is moondust.  these take my breath away.

the blue hues of this installation called dusk is gorgeous as well.  overlapping and layering.  layering and magic.

spencer finch via apartment therapy


  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH this just made my whole night. those lights! AH! they are just stunning!!!!!!

    why can't i follow your blog on blogger? it doesn't give me the option! but i waaaant to!

  2. top left hand corner of the page it should say 'follow' and you can click it if you're signed in.. no?

    don't you love his work? visit his site.. beautiful, amazing things!

  3. and i you!! i need an make/talk/explore art date with you!