July 5, 2010

leah giberson

i've finally gotten my leah giberson prints up on the wall and i now love them even more, if that's possible.  the wall they were on before at the old place just didn't do them justice, in a long, narrow hallway.  now the diptych ('poolside divided') is on the new yellow wall in my bedroom, right by the door, and i get to see them everyday.  i still have to find the perfect place for my 'afternoon chairs' print..

leah has shows this month on both coasts, so if you've never seen her work, now is the perfect time to check her out. simple, quiet and thoughtful scenes- i love them all!


  1. i want to come see your place in chicago! and see you! we could walk around and see art and talk about all of our similar aesthetics :)

  2. i want you to come visit! you let me know when you want to come, and let's work it out- you are always welcome!!