August 8, 2010

just words

i've always been fascinated by signage and fonts, which is why i guess i have a weakness for vintage letters. i've started scooping some up with the ultimate intention of paying homage to my hometown by spelling it out on one of the walls in my new home.

while researching all of the possibilities, i've come across some amazingly beautiful letters- letters that light up, letters that sparkle, letters that have so many layers of paint, i want to chip away at each layer just to see what's underneath the next.  like an archaeologist. for letters.

glam by pam sattler

the next time i make it out to vegas, i have to make an appointment to visit the neon boneyard.  i could spend days here, just looking at all of the historic types and lights and colors. oh my god. these images i found on
bone yard$ by pam sattler

las vegas sign boneyard by kyle mccluer

las vegas museum boneyard by lois lane74

i found jack pierson's work via junkculture.  jack takes the vintage letters he finds and gives them renewed meaning by formulating new words and expressions.  he creates a nice twist on the way the text is formulated.

romance and last chance lost by jack pierson

i'll post an update on the project in process once i obtain a few more and start installing them onto the wall.

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