August 15, 2010


 close-up of sprinkles red velvet cupcake by muy yum

i finally experienced sprinkles cupcakes today for the first time. i've been on their email list for years (no idea how i got on it/probably one day when i had a crazy craving for cupakes), so when i got an email the other day telling me the new chicago location was opening soon, i did a little dance around the living room.

after a bike ride down the lake, i got to the storefront and after waiting in a short line for about ten minutes, i got my cupcake. yum!  even though it was later in the day and almost closing time, the cupcake was still really, really fresh.  approve.


  1. You neglected to post one of the important parts of this journey-what flavor did you get??!! ;)

  2. a vanilla. if you can master the basics, then i will be back to explore more ;o)