September 20, 2010

renegade craft fair chicago: 9/11-9/12

i've finally gone through all of the photos from the renegade craft fair in chicago last week.  so many booths!  the day was full of inspiration and it was nice to meet some artists in person after seeing their work in so many different places- and to view some work i had never seen before.

just some of my many favorites..

felix and jane: gorgeous clutches and bags with fun, sewn details.

tugboat print shop: based in pittsburgh, tugboat had on view woodblock prints with under the sea and americana scenes.  they had some of the woodblocks used for the prints on display, which i thought was a really nice touch.

spike press: bright, vibrant prints from spike press.

nate duval: i wanted to take these rowhouses home with me!  i sort of regret not pulling the trigger.  i really liked nate duval's use of color.

the harbinger co.: i had just seen these lovely little boxes and necklace on the internets and then when i saw them at renegade i did a little squeal of joy (legit).  these are so nice in person, the craftsmanship is really superb.

the most delicately crafted little plates, pitchers and houseware pieces, with bright patterns of gold, cream and mustard colors. these would looks so beautiful displayed simply on a shelf or featured on a wall.

laura berger (laura george): laura's work is colorful and  simple and it was nice to see her with a big crowd!  she recently redid the storefront of renegade handmade in green and blue shell patterns and tiny ninjas.

tru.che: stevie koerner's necklaces make me swoon.  i want one so badly and it was hard to walk away without a little massachusetts hung around my neck.. maybe after i save up a little more.  they're beautifully made!

soda: these pieces from soda by amy were the perfect shades of turquoise blues and creams.. i can't wait to see the new things that will come out of this kiln!!

i am home: these little trees within tiles were so clever.  how cool would that looked tiled into a backsplash underneath some cabinets in a kitchen, or bathroom?  their etsy shop has a lot more, including magnets with little swimmeers and sunbathers.

ryan kapp: i am so sad that the first print above was sold out and sold out online as well.  i am pining for this little guy for my bedroom wall so badly!  fingers crossed ryan creates some more soon!

friends again: sarah stern's hand printed illustrations are really cute (and affordable!)

jessica swift: jessica swift had lots of originals and prints available, and her booth was full of people eager to talk and meet her!  you could tell how popular her work was with everyone- it was nice to see so much of it filling the walls!

overall, an overwhelmingly visual day. success!

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