September 20, 2010

sarah fox @ orange beautiful

i finally stopped into orange beautiful in the ravenswood area of chicago this past weekend and i can't believe it's taken me this long to stumble in there.  they've got some really beautiful stationary and letterpress work and the store front doubles as the studio as well.  it's a nice way to see inside and behind the business!

orange beautiful also sells other artist's handmade work; lots of chicago-based artists (like essimar) as well as some a little further away (crafterall) and even further than that (gold teeth brooklyn).  a great place to pop in to see what's new and what they're working on!

while i was there, i got to see a brand new installation by sarah fox of cursive design.  made up of lacy scraps left over from the jewelry pieces she creates, sarah incorporates a painted branch from an earlier accident involving her car and other small trinkets organized by color.  i loved it's simple colors and intricate pieces.

it was a rainy day, so my photos really don't do it justice- check out sarah's post about the work here for some proper photos.


  1. Thanks for visiting the shop!... (I actually really like your rainy-day pictures ;)

    Sarah's jewelry will be available in the store, well, pretty much indefinitely, and her amazing branch piece will be on display 'til mid-October...

    And along with the Cursive Design blog, you can also check out more pictures on our blog, theSCOOP!

    Thanks again, Kaitlyn!

  2. these look great kaitlyn! it's fun to see how the rain drops play with the piece. ;)

  3. thanks emily, i will be back to visit soon for sure!

    sarah, beautiful work, i really enjoyed it hanging in the space.