December 17, 2010

i made a leap and left a job that wasn't making me happy yesterday.  i'm starting a new job in january that i hope will lead me in the right (or a better) direction. today i am happier. tomorrow i will spend some time trying to make beautiful things.

if i forget to say it later, happy holiday time :)


  1. you always make beautiful things :) where are you going in january? it's so great that you've got something else lined up.

  2. thank you lady watka ;) i'm getting my foot in the door at the saic.. i'm excited and nervous and many other things too!

  3. brilliant! i'm all for taking these leaps ~ have done it maybe too many times!! {not really, have never regretted doing it}.
    hope you have a fun christmas + happy new year

  4. thanks belinda! words like that reassure the decision :)