February 18, 2011

durham press

i stumbled across durham press's blog the other day and i'm enamored with the photos they've posted of their printing process. i love to see how things are made and the stages a work goes through in order to reach it's end result. durham press is located in pennsylvania and artists are invited to use their facilities to produce originals, prints and experiment within their studios.

they're inking all of the colors on this polly apfelbaum lovers leap 13 print at the same time. look at all that color!

finished lovers leap 13 print

finished wood street print, by polly apfelbaum
i would love to be a fly on the wall here, watching all these amazing pieces being created. a fly covered in paint, of course.

beatriz milhazes's finished print jamaica

thanks to durham press for an intimate look into their daily art making and sharing the process.

via durham press

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