June 1, 2011

jo metson scott & nicola yeoman

talk about telling a story with a photo.. every one of these has a history, a past, a something-just-happened tale to tell. i just read about this collaborative photo project on my love for you, between jo metson scott & nicola yeoman (photographer and set designer/artist, respectively), in which the duo created a world within the woods. the curious photos speak for themselves, weaving a narrative like a moment in a fairy tale.

after exploring further, nicola's other work stood out to me as well, especially her typography work. a mess of elements coming together to create a whole. (the first two images below were also photographed by jo metson scott,  for the cover of the new york times.)

above & below two photographs by dan tobin smith

images via jo metson scott & nicola yeoman via my love for you


  1. these are all very inspiring. reminds me to see things differently and explore more. everywhere has possibility. thanks. :)