July 28, 2011

jean shin

i was hanging some vinyl records in my newly painted gray office/second bedroom, and decided to run a little search to see how other people have displayed their vintage music decoratively in their home. i found something totally not what i was looking for, but awesome none the less. i'll get to that in a minute. first, a small note on my office/second bedroom overhaul.

we've had these records displayed before, focusing mainly on the album artwork, but the fresh new coventry gray color called for a sleeker, more cohesive display of music. hanging them naked, without their skins, works for me! a small step in the room makeover, but it's a start! (excuse the photo, the iphone was the only accessible option at the time..) more later once the rooms starts to come together!

onto the art! while searching for how others utilize their vinyls, i came across jean shin's work, specifically, his sound wave piece, which i thought was fantastic; a play on the changing tides of music trends and the way we access recordable sounds.

poking around some more, his installations are all really thoughtful and he utilizes a lot of found and tossed objects in bulk, in order to give them new life: medicine bottles, keys, lottery scratch tickets, umbrellas, coins.. the list goes on. take a peek, you won't be disappointed.

images via jean shin

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