August 25, 2011

picker sisters

sometimes i get sucked into a lifetime movie. it happens. i saw some commercials a few weeks ago for a new lifetime show called picker sisters that piqued my interest, so i made a point to record a few episodes to check it out.

premise: two friends who happen to be interior designers travel the country and buy junky metal relics and odd industrial structures and create whole new furniture pieces for your home and sell it out of their storefront in los angeles. some of the concepts they envision are so great.

if offbeat, industrial-style home furniture is up your alley it's definitely worth a view. the girls are a little goofy, but i think it makes them likable. you can tell they're really friends, not just playing the part. i like that they're reusing things that are just sitting around; great repurposing.

picker sisters & photos via lifetime

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