March 17, 2012

make it bloom

although this happened back in 2003, i
1) wish i had known about it then, because it would have been amazing to see, and
2) it still holds true as a pretty strong installation.

the massachusetts mental health center closed after 91 years in business, and to memorialize this building due for demolition, risd graduate and macarthur fellow anna schuleit filled the empty, desolate halls and rooms with something they had never seen in their 91 years of standing: color. she filled the rooms with 28,000 potted plants and the hospital was opened for viewing to the public before it was torn down and replaced with a new facility. the result is like new life growing within crumbling walls.

visit this is colossal to read the full article with anna schuleit, it's absolutely worth reading.

this is colossal / bloom / anna schuleit

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